Vermont Institute of Contemporary Arts Chester, VT, 5143

Vermont Institute of Contemporary Arts
15 Depot St ,
Chester, VT, 5143
(802) 875-1018

About Activity [-]

Art distills the noise, clutter and fragmented contradictions of every day.
Art invites us out of the parochial silos of our private lives into an altered state of consciousness, of both ourselves and of our world. 
Art converts the here and now of existence into an eternal and universal present, and it records the struggle to uncover hidden meaning in ordinary experience through the power of a creative imagination.

Outstanding art extracts poetry from the prosaic and beauty from the banal; outstanding artists do this with elegance and grace, and some explain the terrible struggle for clarity in the unending search for deeper meaning. While many of us sleepwalk through our lives hungry for a sign that our lives are worthwhile, art calls to us. It calls us to awaken.

Kids Activities [-]

  • Art, Craft, Paint & Photo...
  • Special Needs

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Activity Address:

15 Depot St ,
Chester, VT, 5143

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