Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Hod Hasharon, IL, 45102

Alexander Muss High School in Israel
9 Aliyat HaNoar Street,
Hod Hasharon, IL, 45102
(800) 327-5980
Age Group
15 - 25 yrs
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About Program [-]

Alexander Muss High School in Israel, known to most as AMHSI or just HSI, is a study abroad program in Israel for high school students, offering 6-week programs in the summer, 8-week programs throughout the year and full semester programs in the fall and spring (18-weeks). 

This is a high school unlike any other, where education is imparted through experience and history is infused into everything you do. While keeping up with classes from your home school and gaining important college preparatory skills, you will also be learning about Israel through first-hand experience. In Israel, your "classroom" is the land itself as you travel to the places where history was made.

AMHSI is the only non-denominational, English language academic experience for high school students that offers college credits. AMHSI is more than just an academic or travel program - the curriculum is conducted in chronological historical order, with on-site learning at the actual places where history took place! You’ll hike where King Saul battled the Philistines…follow in the footsteps of the pioneer settlers…be welcomed at the home of Ben Gurion. Your next class may be at the beach, atop a mountain, or inside an ancient fortress. Learning in an ordered timeline on-site makes it so much more understandable, interesting, and more importantly- more enjoyable and memorable too. Especially designed to help students gain a broader view of the world and develop a deep appreciation of history, international relations, geography and literature, AMHSI students will develop valuable new learning skills and perspectives that will help throughout high school and college-level academic demands. The AMHSI program is more than just a vacation or a tour – it is the opportunity to gain independence and learn how to live away from home – living with roommates, managing school assignments, free time, budgeting your spending money – it is a lot like college and serves as a great transitional preparatory experience. At AMHSI, students enjoy independence and freedom but within a structured, supportive system; professional staff, supportive teachers, and caring madrichim (resident counselors) guide the students every step of the way to help students transition into new responsibilities

Program Activities [-]

Academic Activities

  • Literature
  • College Credit
  • Enrichment
  • Reading & Writing
  • Middle School
  • Agriculture

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Program Address:

9 Aliyat HaNoar Street,
Hod Hasharon, IL, 45102

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