Humanities Spring in Assisi, Assisi PG, IA, 6081

Humanities Spring in Assisi
Santa Maria di Lignano, 2,
Assisi PG, IA, 6081
(907) 580-2400
Age Group
14 - 19 yrs
Over $1000 (Per Session)
Program Focus
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About Program [-]

HSIA is a travel-study program for students interested in Classics, poetry, art, ice cream, adventure, and a direct experience of the Italian Language and Culture. Students have classes in the morning and travel afternoons to see some of the greatest art and architecture --Greek, Etrsucan, Roman, and Italian of all times.Assisi, with its piazza del comune, lion fountain, ice-cream cafes, fairy-tale medieval castle, grass-filled Roman amphitheater, festival of flowers, and church of St Francis, bursting with sunlight and its joyful, early Renaissance frescoes becomes home to students while they are at Humanites Spring, but all of Italy is our source book. Students travel to Florence, Ravenna, Tarqunia, Rome and may stay on an extra 11 days to tour and explore the 6th century b.c. Greek city of Paestum, Pompei, and the Amalfi Coast. Students keep a trip book while they are at HS and learn to connect individually and constructively in poetry, prose, sketches, watercolors, collage to the great works of art and architect we travel to see and discuss together.When students leave HSIA, they take these works and the poems and prose they read here home with them, a part of their lives forever. HSIA also attends concerts (from classical to jazz) ballets, opera at the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, Umbria Jazz and elsewhere. We are a small lively community (20 people).

Program Activities [-]

Academic Activities

  • College Prep

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Program Address:

Santa Maria di Lignano, 2,
Assisi PG, IA, 6081

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