Kikos Party Rental and Supply, Hialeah, FL, 33010

Kikos Party Rental and Supply
1965 E 4th Ave,
Hialeah, FL, 33010
(305) 885-1929

About Venue [-]

Established in 1982, Kiko's Party Rental was opened in Hialeah, FL by Jose (Kiko) & Margarita Hernandez. After migrating to the United States of America from Cuba with their daughters Adela & Maite Hernandez, they immediately began working. Margarita worked as a Sewing Specialist at a Factory for a couple of years while Jose took on Construction.

Venue Activities [-]

  • Party Decorations and Sup...

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Venue Address:

1965 E 4th Ave,
Hialeah, FL, 33010

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