Recharge Studio, Indore, CA, 452010

Recharge Studio
3rd floor, 304 Vikram Urban,,
Indore, CA, 452010
(073) 140-0993

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Recharge Studio | Best Event Management, Branding, Promotion & Advertising Agency in India

Recharge Studio is an unmatched flagship company with the eminence of 18 successful years with a profile into PAN India Campaign for both National as well as international brands in the category of Consumer Durable, Agriculture inputs, FMCG, Telecoms, Automobiles, Education just to name a few. We have advanced over the time to develop ourselves in several domains like Retail, Digital, Social, Events and Marketing in Indore, India. We have an approach of adequate resources, talents and offers to meet your goals of sales, marketing and organizational. 

Recharge Studio is 360 degree Brand activation and Communication Company based in Indore with an experience for over 18 years into brand,advertising and marketing communications that helps our clientele to bring a positive impact on the lives of their target customers, audiences and partners.

We at Recharge Studio, with our proficiency and effectiveness, formulate creative concepts which make your brand to build an extraordinary identity in a pioneering approach. We offer copious integrated professional services to assemble representation build awareness and enlarge the ultimate sales of the customers. With a reflective understanding of regional markets, our promotional tactics provide the precise outcomes to our client’s communication for stunning market infiltration.

 The 360 degree strategic plan of Recharge Studio is an on-ground conversion abilities progressive Marketing representation for enhanced competency and efficiency treatment with systematic efforts for swift measures to touch points for unique outcomes. 

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Venue Address:

3rd floor, 304 Vikram Urban,,
Indore, CA, 452010

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