Rock Birthday Party, Rocklin, CA, 95765

Rock Birthday Party
2311 Sunset Blvd,
Rocklin, CA, 95765
(916) 435-1300

About Venue [-]

A two-hour jam/recording session where the birthday girl or boy becomes a Star.

Party goers select their instruments and are places in bands, EVerybody learns to sing or play a song on keyboard, guitar, bass drums or other rhythm instruments, Then, the band practices the song of its choice and heads to our state-of-the-art recording studio to record it. Everyone leaves with a CD of the Birthday Band.

We provide a Party Director and an Audio Technician/Music Director, all instruments (party goers may also bring their own instruments), a party room for refreshments (food, drink and paper products not supplied) and opening presents, a special B2R Party Pack for all participants, and a CD of the party goers' performance for each participant.

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Venue Address:

2311 Sunset Blvd,
Rocklin, CA, 95765

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